What We Do

KCMBF is proud to have three signature programs that actively improve the justice system throughout the metropolitan Kansas City area.

     Legal Connection: Domestic Violence Alliance is held annually to educate lawyers, social workers, educators, and law enforcement professionals about issues related to domestic and family violence.

Legal Connection: Military Matters offers veterans and active duty military personnel direct access to legal assistance and provides KCMBA members the opportunity to serve those who have served their country.

  Legal Connection: Student Law Academy (SLA) is a partnership with PREP-KC and area law firms, courts, and other legal entities. Its mission is to provide underprivileged urban high school students, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, meaningful exposure to a career in the legal profession.

In addition, KCMBF provides support for:


Lawyers Encouraging Academic Performance (LEAP).  LEAP was created in 1994 as a not-for-profit Foundation to further, promote and expand upon existing community services of lawyers in Greater Kansas City with a specific focus upon initiatives intended to encourage young persons in their pursuit of an education. 



To get involved, please contact Foundation Director, Sharra Wagner at swagner@kcmbf.org or (816) 474-4322.