About Us

The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association (KCMBA) is the largest and oldest bar association in the Kansas City area.  Founded in 1884, KCMBA leverages its rich tradition to provide current, innovative and relevant service to its 5,000 members in its nine-county service territory in Missouri and Kansas.

KCMBA’s membership includes attorney, judicial, and law student members who comprise the core of the Kansas City metropolitan legal community. This active, voluntary bar association hosts Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs and social events, leadership development and networking opportunities, community outreach, pro bono activities, and much more. KCMBA produces the exclusive Directory of the Greater Kansas City Legal Community;  monthly magazine, the KC Counselor; and a podcast, InRe KCMBA.

The mission of KCMBA is to serve its members and its community by promoting justice, professional excellence and respect for the law.

KCMBA’s Purpose is:
  1. To serve the needs of our members.
  2. To educate our members in continuing to develop their legal skills.
  3. To enhance the image of attorneys and judges.
  4. To encourage the highest ethical and professional standards of attorneys and judges.
  5. To promote diversity in the legal profession and the Association and practice diversity in the Association.
  6. To support and improve the justice system, including an independent judiciary.
  7. To promote access to the judicial system for all persons.
  8. To educate the public regarding issues that affect the legal system.

KCMBA’s continued success stems from the dedication and vibrant volunteerism of its members. As we strive towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion we invite and encourage all members to give their time and unique talents as volunteers by planning events, speaking at CLE programs, contributing on one or more of KCMBA's 40 Committees and/or 8 Sections, contributing to the monthly magazine, the KC Counselor, or performing pro bono and other volunteer work through KCMBF's programs.


Professionalism & Civility

KCMBA encourages the highest ethical and professional standards of attorneys and judges. KCMBA Principles of Civility were adopted in 2013, building upon KCMBA's 1987 “Tenets of Professional Courtesy, as higher standards of civility and professionalism, above the rules of ethics.  As a result of the Civility Summit in the fall of 2022, a Blue Ribbon Committee has revised the Principles of Civility and comments are invited.  Learn more about KCMBA's ongoing commitment to professionalism and civility.


  1. Civility and professionalism is essential to the operation of our legal system, and this goal can only be achieved when all participants, (lawyers, judges, court personnel, litigants, etc.) adhere to the principles of civility and professionalism.
  2. Communicate professionally and respectfully.
  3. Never deceive another.
  4. Honor promises and commitments.
  5. Respect others' time, schedule, and resources.
  6. Avoid unfounded and unreasonable attacks on lawyers and the judiciary. 
  7. Respect the well-being of yourself and others.
  8. Refrain from conduct that manifests or causes prejudice or bias, implicit or explicit, based on a person's attributes.